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5 Things To Know When Returning To Work



So the time has come for you to hang up your burping cloth and return to the world of work. As a first time mother the prospect of going back is in a word frightening. Will things have changed much since I left? How will I fit in? What if I don’t know anyone? Are just some of the questions that run around your mind, here’s is how to deal with it:

  • Accept Change

No matter how important you were before maternity leave, you have to accept that things have moved on and that your role may have changed. Do not take things personally if you are not immediately given back all the responsibility, you and your employer need an adjustment period. Take your time with it and embrace the change, it may all work out better in the end.

  • Childcare Issues

In most cases you will have chosen a child-minder or decided to use a crèche for your child. The initial separation from your little one may play havoc with your emotions on those first few days back. But remember a little distance will encourage independence for both mother and child, it’s a good thing. And those little hugs and big smiles you get at the end of the day are a big reward!

  • Time Management

Up until now your main priorities were monitoring the eating and sleeping habits of your little human, that’s all going to change. You now need to ensure said human is packed for any type of disaster that could potentially happen while away from you. Every Day. On a nightly basis. You also need to ensure you look some way decent in the workplace and that there is food there to consume on your return from work. A lot of work after you have just wrestled your little darling into bed.

  • A Lone Human

When you sit for a cup of coffee and a sandwich without anyone wailing or looking for attention, it’s surely one of the biggest changes for you. Suddenly you will appreciate the chats about the latest nail polish trends or the scandalous office gossip that you missed out on in recent times. You can take a little time for you and not feel guilty. Focusing on your career is not a crime and will ensure you are setting a good example for your children, embrace it

  • Weekends are King

Do Not spend your weekends caught up in a pile of housework and preparation. These are the days to enjoy your child and have some family time, the washing can wait. Take the long walks, eat ice cream, play in the park, most importantly of all make memories for your family. After all isn’t that why you are working so hard?

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