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8 Reasons Why You Should be Selfish And Babywear



Haven’t we all heard how babywearing is great for bonding, wonderful for covering up while breastfeeding on-the-go and infant reflux-friendly? These were my reasons to start the adventure in a squishy – cuddly world of wraps, slings and baby carriers. After my first sling meeting, which I attended being heavily pregnant, I fell in love with woven wraps. I spent hours on the internet going through tons of wraps made from various fabrics with beautiful colours and patterns. I was picturing myself wandering around the park with my little bundle of joy, comfortably squished in something that would actually have a status of a fashion accessory.

Oh boy, was I naive! While of course a certain amount of wandering does take place, there are much more pragmatic and selfish reasons to babywear!

1. Crying

Crying can be exhausting for babies and parents. However, carried babies are happier, being busy exploring and actively learning and cry less. My daughter stops crying almost immediately in our mei tai, so it’s a good way to calm the baby (and yourself!) down.

 2. Sleep


Can’t get your baby to sleep? Many babies nap better when carried in a sling. And how about that ninja techniques to escape a sleeping baby? Unwrapping a sleeping baby and putting it down without waking takes a bit of practice, but proved to be a great tool for me!

3. Time for yourself

If you are not ready for ‘escaping your sleeping baby’ technique, you can just enjoy a little bit of time for yourself with the baby on you. It’s an opportunity to read, write an email, check FB or just enjoy a cup of tea/coffee.

 4.  Housework


It’s easy to keep up with house chores while wearing your baby. Cleaning and cooking are simply and safely done with a baby on your back.

5. Your basic needs – eat & pee with love;)

In the first few weeks after having Lily, I was only able to get some food in with her in the wrap. Yes, the food did land on her head few times, but she minded it way less than the horrific vision of few minutes separation;)

And what about the times when you really need to go to the toilet and the little one doesn’t want to let you go? Yeah, carriers are lifesavers in those early days!

6. Travel


Travelling is so much easier without a buggy getting in the way! Think of getting through the crowds at the airport or even using public transport.

7. Exercise


When you have a baby it’s hard to find time to work out. Unexpected, but certainly very appreciated side effect of babywearing is burning more calories than normally. It helps to lose the baby weight and strengthen core muscles (unless you have a lower back pain issues).

8. Quick pop to the shops

If you’re driving and need to do shopping just put your baba in a carrier. Not only it’s quick, but you also don’t have to worry about stairs, lifts nor narrow aisles.

Word of caution – a long woven wrap isn’t the best idea! Buckles are much neater and faster in this instance.

In the light of the above beauty of slings, wraps and carriers is just an added bonus.

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