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Airfield Estate, Dundrum

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Airfield is a 38 acre working farm, gardens, cafe with heritage experience that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about food and farming without leaving the boundaries of the city.

To get the most of your visit, we recommend arriving early.   The first activity of the day should be a visit to the chicken coop where you can watch the daily egg collection and learn about organic and blue eggs.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the goats in the nearby field, often mischievously play-fighting much to the delight of bemused toddlers!

Take a short walk along the Fairy Ring Mound and head straight to the New Farmyard Barn, where at 10.30am you can watch the milking of the majestic Jersey cows. The technology and speed with which the milk gets pumped from the organized animals is really impressive, particularly if like us you didn’t grow up on a farm. The barn is also home to several other of the farm’s residents including sheep with their lamb, adorable ducklings and clumsy calves, most of which have their names and ages proudly displayed on a wooden board inside the barn.

Take a lazy stroll back towards the manor house, which was once the residence of the prestigious Overend family, for an organized tour at either 11.30am or 2.30pm. Wonder through the neatly presented vegetable garden or get lost in the maze. Be sure to make a stop at the Vintage Car Garage to explore the 1920s Rolls Royce that was once regularly used by the Overend’s ladies. For the youngest of visitors (0-4 years) there is a compact yet exciting indoor play area, and for the older children there are regular camp activities and the Naturescape. The Naturescape is a new interactive play area for 4-12 year olds, located in the woodland walk area and includes a zip wire, balance beams, climbing structure and willow tunnel.

Once you are done exploring the beautiful grounds, enjoy a well-earned picnic by the lake or head for lunch at the Overends Restaurant. Make sure to order eggs, they will be from the collection you watched earlier.

The Airfield farm experience is truly unique. All the footpaths are clean, tidy and easily accessible by a pram or a pushchair. The numerous animals are all incredibly well kept and seem to be completely at ease with the swarms of enthusiastic visitors.  If only more farms were like this one, perhaps we’d be tempted to make a career change!

We urge you not to be discouraged by lack of a traditional outdoor playground, rest assured that with all the exciting activities at your disposal you won’t even notice that there isn’t one!

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Perfect weekend activity, but weather dependent
Airfield has been our favorite weekend Dublin spot for some time. The gardens are impeccable, there are plenty of ground to cover on foot, the animals are clean and all this is within minutes drive from our house. I also recommend the Airfield Works (breakfast) at the nearby Overends cafe. If you are tight for time, they also do lovely take away coffee and pastries in one of the grounds cafes. If they had more indoor activities, this would have been a sure 5 star location!
September 7, 2015, 5:40 pm
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