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Kids Fashion- Autumn Must Haves



As October arrives, so too does some uncertainty on the weather front (it is Ireland after all). This can make trips to the park, or weekend exploring a bit challenging in terms of what to dress the kids in. Will it rain? Is it getting dark already? One way to stay super prepared, is to keep a few kids’ fashion essentials packed in the boot of the car. And of course, we’d only ever dream of suggesting the most stylish of options!

1. Wellies


Every child, whether they are in the city or country, should own a great pair of wellies. What’s even better, is that most kids love wearing them – they’re comfortable, and easy to pull on without any laces or straps to fuss about with. Puddle-proof, mud-proof, and they go with just about anything. We love the cool design of the kid’s wellies at Not only are they gorgeous, they are also lined with a super soft removable sock, to keep little toes warm.

2. Pop Bands


As the evenings creep further and further into the afternoons, you may find the daylight fading mid-walk. Keep everyone safe and visible with Vedante’s Super Reflective Pop Bands. The simple, but genius accessories, snap on and act as a colourful reflective strip. Great for popping on to jacket sleeves or scooter handlebars – and they come in a rainbow selection of colours, so there should be a shade to suit everyone’s taste!

3. Pac-A-Mac


We’ve all been there: you’re just about to leave the car park, the kids are eager to get going, and you can’t decide if that rain cloud is going to pass or burst. If it doesn’t, you’ll be left carrying the rain jackets. But if it does, and you don’t have them…yikes! Fear not, there is a stylish solution – Pac-A-Macs! These are great to keep stashed in the boot of the car, and they aren’t going to take up space back there, that’s for sure. They get bonus points too – the kids love squishing them back into their zippy pouch afterwards!

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