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Baby Massage by ClapHandies

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Baby massage is a relaxing and stimulating experience that has multiple benefits for your newborn; baby massage done the ClapHandies way is a specialised programme delivered with professionalism and perfectionism that helps mummies and babies to bond.

Baby massage is suitable for babies from 6 weeks onwards. It helps to promote sleep, relieves pain and helps your little treasure to relax. It is especially good for those suffering from colic and stress. Here are our three main reasons why you should try it:

1.The Class

The massage course consists of four one-hour sessions that are run on a weekly basis. Over the course of four weeks you will learn how to perform a full body massage on a baby. During the class the atmosphere is very welcoming; crying, feeding and nappy changes are allowed and even encouraged. At the start of the programme you are supplied with a massage oil and a handout “Reference Manual” that has a lot of useful information on the massage technique, behavioral states, gentle movements and more.

This hour is a wonderful bonding experience for the new mother and her child. Watching their tiny faces light up as they experience new sensations and the loving touch of your hand is the most incredible memory, one you will cherish for years to come.

 2. The Skill

During the class you learn how to perform a full body massage: from the legs and feet to the tummy, chest, arms, face and back. You start with the basics and keep adding additional strokes as the weeks go by. The instructor demonstrates everything on a doll (Hello Sven!) and you are welcome to borrow one should your little one fall asleep during the class. All of the stokes (incl pictures) are also in the handout so you can always practice at home. In the booklet you will find additional massage techniques that help to relief colic and constipation.

3. The Social Side

The class is for four to eight mothers all of whom have babies of a similar age so it is a fantastic opportunity to meet other mums who can relate to what you are going through. Each week you are encouraged to ask questions, share concerns and developmental milestones. No one minds if you show up make up free with your hair half brushed. For first time mothers it is an excellent opportunity to build up a network of mummy friends and coffee buddies.

Of course there are other reasons to sign up for the massage course: the wonderful instructors, the fact that most Irish insurance providers cover the cost of the course, the tea and biscuits served during the class. Having tried multiple mummy and baby classes we are convinced that baby massage by ClapHandies is one of the best activities for new mums and babies in Dublin.

Book Baby Massage at the ClapHandies website.

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