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Maternity Fashion- Styling for Two

It’s often said women are great multi-taskers. So, why should pregnancy stop us from continuing with that reputation? If you’re a style savvy, fashion forward girl, there’s no reason you can’t style it out all through your pregnancy, while…

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Gentle Birth? You CAN have one too.

“I am calm, confident and in control” is the mantra of every Gentle Birth mother. Gentle Birth methodology aims to optimise your pregnancy and birthing experience, and has become increasingly popular in Ireland over the last 10 years. Some…

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5 Essential Pregnancy Buys

1. Maternity Jeans Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a challenge. Discovering that during pregnancy as your waste line, hips and bum fill out you no longer fit into your favourite pair is disheartening. Do not beat yourself…

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Fit Pregnancy

Staying Fit and Active during Pregnancy Although pregnancy may seem as the perfect excuse to put your feet up and rest for the forty-week period, fitting in some light exercises into your weekly routine will make you feel a lot better.…