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City Break Basics



This year, February had its extra day at the end, and for some reason I always feels compelled to take a long weekend and spend Leap Day on a city break. Plus, it’s jus the right amount of time after Christmas to start spending a little! If you do plan to head away, be it a coupe of hours driving, or jetting off to a European capital, take notes of our packing tips, to help you become a mini-break like maestro.


Chances are, you’ll spend the two or three days checking out local attractions, and getting a dose of culture. With this in mind, there are two key items to pack: shoes that are comfortable for walking, and a versatile extra layer. You’re likely to be doing plenty of walking, be it following guided tours, or a post-dinner meander. Either way, the last thing you want is to be getting a stiletto stuck in the cobbles of an old Roman side street. And as museums can often be large airy spaces, a chill can distract you from admiring the artwork, so be sure to bring a jumper or wrap that easily goes with all the outfits you have planned.


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Travel, whilst a fantastic way to learn about and indulge in different cultures, languages and experience, can also just be downright confusing. Online booking, hidden charges are just the start of it – when you arrive at your destination it can often be overwhelming to figure out what is what. So the belief that there is an App for everything rings true here. Helpful apps for travel include Tipulator (to avoid that ‘too low’ vs ‘too high’ dilemma) and WiFi Finder (to avoid a nasty data roaming bill when you get back). Have search before you set off, to see what Apps may help you book accommodation, eat like a local and send virtual postcards.

Our friends at TimeOut have done the hard work and found The world’s 50 best travel apps.

Holiday Vibes

Of course, you are on your holidays! It’s the perfect reason to indulge in a little pre-trip treat. Be it new sunglasses, or a fun accessory, something to celebrate the trip is always adds a bit of fun.


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