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Classical Kids are relaxed classical music concerts for babies, toddlers, children and parents in a community setting. Attending one of their concerts is a real treat for the young and old.

They believe that classical music is for everyone and you do not need formal setting to enjoy it, and we could not agree more! What toddler can sit still for an hour listening to music in a concert hall? Ours can’t even handle 5 minutes!

Classical Kids are geniuses for realising that many babies and toddlers along with their parents would appreciate an opportunity to be exposed to classical music in an informal setting. As a result concerts are held in local community halls throughout Dublin where play-mats, colouring, toys and music worksheets are provided to facilitate the musical journey. Dancing and clapping are strongly encouraged, running however is not allowed. If you think you have a hyperactive toddler who may struggle think again. Nanny Village happened to attend the concert with a very excited 2 year old, to our surprise and delight she was captivated by the music and spent the whole time on the play-mat swaying and clapping.

During the concert you will hear some well known classics like Carmen and Tchaikovsky’s waltz, younger visitors will be delighted by the classical take on their beloved ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

Classical Kids was formed by 2 professional musicians who also happen to be mothers, and it certainly shows. Upon arrival every young attendee is presented with a sticker (who doesn’t love a sticker?), the venue has designated play area for children and sitting for adults. Of course there is a place to leave your buggy and changing facilities for those little disasters. Coffee and tea can be purchased onsite, and they offer free refills!

Overall Classical Kids is an ideal place to meet other like-minded parents and babies. A concert is €13 per adult, although it may sound like a lot it is definitely worth it. If the music rocks your baby to sleep “Hurray” you get to relax and enjoy it yourself. If you spend an hour with your little one dancing on your lap or watch his/her face light up at the start of a new song, you are guaranteed to make some wonderful memories.

To find out when the next concert is taking place visit Classical Kids website.

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