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Dublin 4 Best Kept Beauty Secret



Have you ever wondered the secret behind the effortlessly chic appearance of Dublin 4 residents? Their hair is always shiny, nails perfectly manicured and the skin is silky smooth with that magic inner glow. So what is the secret behind their glamorous look?

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is not the latest diet fad, which requires you to survive on a mix of oxygen and green tea, nor is it an expensive gym membership at an exclusive club, nor the work of an army of personal assistants. The secret is Jemma Ellison, an experienced beautician and waxing professional who does the work of a thousand assistants.

Jemma trained in The Galligan School of Beauty in 2005. She began her career in a small salon in the Dublin city center and later moved to a bigger and busier salon in Dublin 4. She went on to manage the salon while constantly learning new techniques and developing her skills. In 2014 Jemma was awarded the Image magazine, Business of Beauty – Best Wax Therapist Award. She has since left the salon and has set up her own business Manycures and Makeup.

Today Jemma is a mobile beauty therapist, offering her services to clients in the privacy of their own home. Treatments range from Shellac manicures and pedicure to waxing, facials and spray tanning. Of course she also does massages and can be booked to do makeup for events ( you have to book in advance to make sure she is available). It seems there is not anything in the world of beauty this lady can’t do! She comes across very humble and is happy to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. If half way through the manicure you wonder what the best hand cream for your skin type is, she will happily advise you and will probably give you options for every budget and taste.

Jemma comes to your house with a toolkit of beauty products- nail vanishes, oils, creams, even her own massage table! She carries so much with her, yet looks elegant. Her superb organisation and attention to detail means that she works fast and leaves no cuticle uncut. Once your beauty ritual is over she quickly cleans up and leaves for her next client. Manycures and Makeup is available in Dublin center and surrounding counties.

For me personally she is a life saver. As a busy mum of two small children (2 year old and a 7 months old) it is impossible to find the time to make it to the salon. Instead Jemma travels to me with her magic box of beauty products and does her best to make me look presentable (at least for a few hours). With Jemma you don’t have to worry about the extra active toddler running around or the baby asking for breast milk, she is a true professional and happens to be great with children. Unfortunately she does not offer babysitting services!

Now that you know about Jemma and her Manycures and Makeup let’s give the Dublin 4 ladies a run for their  money.


To make an appointment:

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