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Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park

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A trip to the Dublin Zoo is a fun-filled day out for the whole family.  Stepping through the gates and familiarizing ourselves with the zoo and its inhabitants, we felt like we’ve just stepped inside the ‘Circle of Life’ scene from The Lion King, when all the wild animals are being summoned for baby lion’s presentation.

At the Dublin Zoo you get a chance to see the wild lion and tigers of the Asian Forests, to spot a lonely Grey wolf looking for his next victim, to watch playful monkeys and admire the elegant Chilean flamingos. And all of that excitement is before you get to the African plains, where many of the zoo’s most popular animals reside- giraffes, zebras, rhinoceros and hippopotamus. Of course there are also elephants, in fact baby elephant has just celebrated his first birthday. Today Dublin Zoo is home to over 400 animals from all around the globe, many are rare species and their survival in the wild is under threat.

The Zoo is centered around two large lakes with animal enclosures on their jungle shores.  There are multiple direction signs so you always know where to spot your next predator or where the nearest bathroom is. On a practical level, the zoo’s layout is excellent- there are countless restrooms and baby changing facilities, pushchair slides, and multiple eating facilities as well as vending machines and ice cream stands. The organizers have even allowed for bad weather by creating covered standing areas near most enclosures.

Throughout the premises there are multiple playgrounds and picnic areas.  The facilities feel modern and well looked after. There is no funky smell or drowsy, sad looking animals. On the contrary all of the zoo’s inhabitants were very perky during our visit, at times forcing us to take a step back from the cages (just in case!).

The zoo is also a fantastic learning environment for children. Every animal has a little description board explaining where he comes from, how endangered he is and what Dublin Zoo is doing to help. Wildlife conversation initiatives lie at the heart of the zoo’s activities, for more information click here. Throughout the year the zoo holds educational workshops, camps and even BBQs, for more information on what’s coming up check Dublin Zoo Events Calendar.

Overall Nanny Village thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the Dublin Zoo, it is a fantastic place for the whole family and weather permitting you can easily spend a whole day here. There is nothing not to love about having African Plains and Asian Forest right in the heart of the Phoenix Park.

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Fantastic Zoo! Worth getting an annual pass
This is by far one of our favorite spots in Dublin. The kids love the space and are always excited to see the animals. Its worth getting an annual pass (EUR 140) if you are thinking of making this your frequent destination.
September 7, 2015, 10:20 am
Wonderful day out
My lot love the zoo, always a great day out. Highly recommend if you haven't been for a while
September 5, 2015, 2:05 pm
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