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I’m not sure what made me start a food diary on the 26th of December, yes that’s right folks you read that right, St Stephens Day. Well what an eye opener that has been. I decided that my new approach to consumption should be recorded, but some where easy. Nay, let’s make that fool proof.  I also decided that it should record any exercise to counter calories consumed. I’m not averse to the notion of exercise, and should any occur I wanted to record it.

And so, after considering the personal trainer and gym route, I decided on an app. Being at home with the kids means that my greatest barrier to the outside world is childcare, and frankly if I have childcare available to me, exercise comes way down the list of priorities. Probably what a good personal trainer would say is my first mistake, but for the moment that’s the way it is. After a brief look at the app store, I decided on Spark People Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker. I had read some of their articles on health online and their realistic approach appealed to me. Overall the app is very easy to use, and allows you to enter food alongside exercise. Just in case.

The main drawback of the app is that it is American, and subsequently not all of the food available here is listed. With a bit of imagination though, it isn’t too hard to find equivalent foods. Also, it turns out that wine has a universal calorie content. Who knew…

It also reminds you that you haven’t filled in your meal breakdown if you have forgotten. I have found this to be helpful, and overall encourages me to think that little bit harder about what I eat.

I would recommend this app to those who wouldn’t be too bothered by American based good listing,  it let’s you set your pace of weight loss or maintenance and calculates your average calorie intake against this. It also provides the nutritional breakdown of what you have eaten so you can make sure that what you are eating is providing you with the correct balance of fibre, protein and vitamins.

It has been very interesting so far, and I can only hope by starting it on St Stephens Day that I will be seeing a drastic improvement in the New Year….

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