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Having celebrated its first birthday in July, play café Funky Monkeys can count itself as one of the most popular indoor play areas in Dublin. A purposely designed play area on the first floor of a Dundrum Retail and Office Park (easily accessible by a lift) offers its young visitors a fairy land of adventure and jungle fun.

The soft play area really challenges the boundaries of one’s imagination- here you will find a multi-level playframe with various rooms, slides, rides, balls, balloons and a wide variety of toys, cars and lawnmowers as well as drum sets and kitchen utensils. There is also a soft horse carousel and a blow up pirate boat. The youngest of visitors can enjoy their time in a designated baby play area, however during busy periods a few toddlers seeking rest manage to sneak in as well. Overall there is everything and more that your little one can wish for. That may be the reason a few first timers first spend a few minutes looking around and taking it all in before jumping right in, and who could blame them? The café gets incredibly busy in the afternoons (especially on rainy days) and the noise levels go through the roof. Only a very dedicated parent or paid help can sit through this for hours.

Children are to be supervised by adults at all times so the only hope for some quiet is walking over to the café, which is on the other side of the large open plan room. The café serves a wide variety of food and drinks, and they have a specially designed kids menu.

If you decide to make this your regular spot, as well as enjoying play time through the Jungle themed equipment you may choose to attend an activity class. Activity programme runs Monday to Thursday from 11 until 11.30am and varies daily; in general you may expect a music class, an arts & crafts session or a cooking demonstration (check the website for more details). If you love the experience you can host your little one’s birthday party here (8 years old is the age limit).

The cost for all this Jungle madness is €6 per child and there are various family membership options.

Overall Funky Monkeys is a very modern, clean play area with fantastic play equipment, where your little one will certainly have loads of fun. However, after hours of play you will be equally happy to step outside into the parking lot, take in a big breath of fresh air and enjoy the relative ‘quiet’ of the Dundrum traffic.

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Toys & Equipment
None of the toys had batteries in them when I visited last Tuesday and many toys and equipment were in need of a good clean.
September 21, 2015, 11:08 pm
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