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As the number of days before Christmas dwindles down, it can often be a mad flurry of lists, shopping, wrapping, parceling and posting. Between sourcing that special something for your special someone, finding your father-in-law’s favourite, or cajoling the kids to please pick just one item from their often never-ending wish lists, it can be a lot to handle. So if somebody asks you what you would like, you may draw a blank as you realise, you haven’t a chance to think about it! And although you feel it’s easier to say ‘oh anything is fine, don’t worry about me’, this may set alarm bells ringing in your enquirer’s mind. They may be asking, because honestly, they need a little nudge in the right direction! Here are a few glittering hints you can drop, to help keep everyone happy. And hey, when the special day arrives, who doesn’t love to see a little sparkle under the tree?

European Elegance

Weir and Sons have been providing their knowledge on all things precious since 1869, so if the person buying is in need of a little guidance, this is a great jeweler to visit. Their extensive collection includes many international brands, but we were particularly smitten with Italian label Mi Modena, for their necklaces and pendants.


Buy Now: Mi Modena Delica Necklace and Mi Modena Medium Grace Pendant

Glamorous Gems

Is it any wonder Brown Thomas has a space they call the Marvel Room? Just walking into the luxury department store feels like a treat in itself, never mind what you might be lucky enough to pick out and take home for yourself. Their new collection boasts some fantastic fun pieces – guaranteed to be a hit with the most glamorous of giftees. Named after the Greek goddess of light, American brand Theia, offers a range of suitable sparklers, all of which are sure to shimmer in the festive lights this season.


Buy Now: Theia Cascading Chandelier Earings and Theia Crystal Rose Gold Drop Earrings 

Insider Intelligence

How do you buy for the person who is ahead of the curve? The person who sets trends, rather than follow them? It can a daunting task, so help your loved ones out by sharing some of your insider knowledge – let them know the new, hidden or secret brands you’re a fan of. They’ll be delighted to have found a treasure trove to choose from, and you’re guaranteed a gift that is completely your own, unique style. We love Irish brand Inner Island. Based in Rathmines, and just launched this April, it is definitely one for the trendsetters.


Buy Now: Lacuna Bangle and Yugen Bangle with Pearls

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