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Halloween Make Up at Home



If you have artistic leanings or simply love make-up then Halloween is the perfect time to practise your skills.

Kids Face Painting

There’s one major rule for facepainting, and that is to make sure that you invest in good quality paints, as the last thing you want is your children breaking out in a reaction. That’s not the only reason, your facepainting masterpiece will be easier to create. You can buy good quality face-paints from most joke or craft shops. Kryolan is a great brand and will last for other occasions. If you’re planning on using the same paints on yourself or other adults I would advise you to buy oil-based paints.

You can buy brush sets with soft nylon bristles in euro shops like Deals or Mr Price, and also Tiger.

There are great tutorials on facepainting online, so if you can get your little one to sit still for five minutes try to follow them. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, it’s your own artistic interpretation.

This is a great tutorial series to start with:



Go mad this Halloween – if you can get your hands on a babysitter! There are so many ideas you can use. You could contour your face using pale colours to bring out the features you want accentuated and dark colours for features you would like to recede; you could actually turn yourself into a different person using this technique.

To try a simple, sultry look, apply your usual make-up; perhaps blending a darker brown colour dramatically sweeping from the outer corner of your eye. Apply theatrical false eyelashes and overline your lips with red lipliner and lipstick to create a sultry ‘Elvira’ look, which coupled with a long black wig will look amazing.

Again, use good quality facepaints, you won’t achieve what you want with bad quality materials. Personally, I would go with oil-based or emulsion-based products, as water-based paints will dry out the skin and make you look pasty. Oil-based paint is also easier to remove. Use a good cream cleanser and a toner to remove the last traces with make-up pads or a muslin cloth.

If you are applying lashes on the eyes make sure you add a layer of mascara on lashes before putting glued lashes on. Don’t try to fit the entire length of the eyelash, trim at the inner corner with a scissor so that two-thirds of the lash is applied, that way you will avoid the false lash sticking up at inner corner of the eye; annoying you all night. Try to use a good quality latex glue from a professional source (you can use any type of eyelash with it – even from cheap shops) and wait until it’s tacky before you apply, otherwise you’ll not only have a hangover but half your eyelashes will be plucked out.

Here are some inspiring tutorials:



Have a good time!

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