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Imaginosity Children’s Museum, Sandyford

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You will never forget your visit to Imaginosity. The experience is so unique, so exhilarating and stimulating that your first time stays with you (your child will love it too). On your repeat visits it will still be exciting and fun, however you will be craving that natural first-timer high you previously had but the thrill and the magic will be wearing off.

Imaginosity is Ireland’s only interactive children’s museum designed specifically for children under 9 years of age. They champion the ‘hands-on, minds-on’ philosophy that encourages visitors to engage and get involved once they’ve stepped inside. The museum is located over 4 floors with a variety of play and learning areas on every level. Children are not only allowed to touch everything, they are encouraged and expected to touch, smell, move objects around the rooms and no one mind’s if they create a bit of a mess while doing so. Parents are however strongly encouraged to tidy up after their children!

With what seems to be an endless variety of fun activities it is easy to feel slightly overwhelmed. The best place to hide is at the café that serves a selection of hot and cold snacks and has a wide range of drinks. After a short break it is back to play time, where do you pick up?

Although being spoilt for choice is a nice issue to have, it makes choosing when to move on and onto what, near impossible. You want to be a doctor, a chef, a car mechanic all at the same time while doing your grocery shopping at the local supermarket. And the unbelievable part is that here you can do all those things almost at once! The news anchor and the builder inside you will just have to wait until you’ve climb up other flight of stairs.

Imaginosity is so perfect in its attention to detail that it almost makes you feel bad about yourself. The whole building is Eco friendly and they are happy to teach you about being environmentally friendly. Imaginosity hosts daily workshops that come at no extra cost and include arts and crafts, computers, music and theatre. They also let you host birthday parties and invite all your friends. Of course newborn babies are welcome; there are special crawling only areas that give the youngest of visitors a chance to explore, learn and have fun at their own pace. The outside terrace is very creative and will teach you about science, but you wont even notice the learning as it is structured as fun playtime.

Needless to say the museum is very clean and spacious and all the toys are fantastic, many have been specifically designed for this project. On top of everything people running Imaginosity are doing so not for profit, it a charity! If only we would have though of it.

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