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Messy Monkeys Messy Play is an activity class for babies and toddlers in South Dublin where you splat paint, squelch gloop and splash water. Sounds intriguing?

Having become regulars we think it is time to spread the word and get others to join the messy fun. Here are five reasons why you should try it:

1. Mess!!! Having children you get accustomed to things being untidy and messy at times, however you always strive to clean it up quickly. Here babies are encouraged to create as much mess around the room as they like while becoming the untidiest, multi-colored, gooey monkeys you’ve ever seen. There is no other place where this sort of behavior is allowed and even encouraged. However should you have a tidy little monkey, they are equally welcome. On a weekly basis there are 6 different activity stations with a variable degree of messiness to choose from. For the less adventurous there is always Play-Doh and coloring.

2. Expect the unexpected. Unlike many other activity classes at Messy Monkeys you never know what to expect when you walk through the door. Yes there is a weekly theme, for example Halloween or fairies, and yes there are 6 different activity stations to choose from, but you can never predict what will be waiting for you the following week. You can be making hand and finger footprints on the wall while stirring a pumpkin full of shaving cream one week, and the next you will be rearing sheep in multi colored rice while splashing around in a bucket full of blue water.

3. Make friends. During messy play children of similar ages play alongside each other so it is a wonderful opportunity to interact, make friends and practice the art of sharing.

4. Bath time. Your baby can get as dirty as he/she likes as at the end of the session every attendee is provided with a bucket of warm soapy water so your little one can clean up and leave the building looking fresh and presentable. Unfortunately that’s not always the case for adults.

5. No cleaning up! Messy Monkeys team does all the cleaning and the washing once playtime is over.

There are multiple other reasons to join the fun, but you will have to try the class to find out for yourself. The only disappointment is that classes get filled up quickly so if you want to attend book in advance. It is important to remember that the sessions call for baggy t-shirts and old leggings rather than Jimmy Choos and Cartier.

Book your messy Messy Monkeys experience today.

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