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Modern Rustic



This is a guest post from the interiors inspiration blog The Lust List by new lifestyle and homewares online store:

Here are some buzz terms in interior design over the last few years: modern rustic, the new trad, Scandi rustic, warm Nordic. You’ve heard them, right? Interior mags abound in pictures of traditional-style woollen furnishings, artisan wood creations and back-to-basics pottery. This style is the epitomy of natural simplicity and casual elegance, combining traditional-style comfort wares and modern living staples.

Come winter, everyone is looking to cosy up and embrace rustic charm and warmth. But how do you combine those with your modern amenities and contemporary interiors? I love character and personality in a modern home, so here’s a few ideas and products to make the best of this look. In tone with our home design philosophy here at Home | Lust, our take on modern rustic is a combination of warm Nordic and Scandi chic with Irish artisan wood, a little bit of vintage industrial vibe and a touch of French rustic.

A few ideas here below:
Soft furnishings – you can’t go wrong with a palette of grey, mink, camel and blues for your throws and cushions. Since we’re approaching the festive season, monochrome black and white and red and white geometry is what most people are looking for, but you can’t go wrong with traditional patterns, such as tartan, herringbone and vibrant natural tones for floor coverings.
Home decor and accessories – try a combination of dark decorative pottery, oversized glass containers/vases and some boho-rustic storage.

Furniture – you can’t go wrong with a mix of modern rustic and vintage industrial pieces.


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