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Dear Nanny,

Welcome to Nanny Village. We are a community of Dublin based Nannies and Families.

To get the most of your Nanny Village experience register with us today by clicking REGISTER AS NANNY.

How does Nanny Village work? 

Step 1: Create a Nanny Village Account using your Email or FaceBook

Step 2: Fill in Nanny Registration form

Step 3: Your Form will be uploaded online

Step 4: Wait for a potential employer to contact you

Step 5*: In January 2016 we are launching database of families, so you will be able to look through the database of parents in need of childcare services and send a direct message to a family of your choosing

Do not forget to keep checking your Nanny Village Account for new direct personal messages.

What else is happening at Nanny Village?

Catch up on fashion, food and travel news from one of our ARTICLES and get ideas to keep your little monsters entertained next week by familiarising yourself withREVIEWS of Dublin play cafes, activity classes, museums and much more.

Please note, we are not a recruitment site; Nanny Village aims to connect you with your next family, you will have to negotiate all the details directly with them. For more details please see our Terms and Conditions.

Best wishes,

Nanny Village Team