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Come on, you’re nearly there – you can do this! Staying in during January can be a bit of a struggle. But sometimes there’s just no other option – chances are your bank balance isn’t the healthiest post Christmas, and your waistline may be in need of some gym time as opposed to wine time. So you stay in, with the intention of exercising, learning to meditate, conquering kale, and getting to grips with a spiraliser. Yeah, we know, the chances of that being enough to entertain you for a whole thirty-one evenings are slim. But at the last hurdle, instead of caving, distract yourself with some of our favourite fashion documentaries on Netflix. Think of looking at all those beautiful garments as a fiscally responsible version of online shopping. And when you do return to the realm of socialising, you’ll have a fresh batch of cool documentary titles, to casually drop into the conversation. Win-win.

Advanced Style

Ever raided your gran’s closet? Perhaps not, but for the subjects of Lina Plioplyte’s documentary, I’m sure their grandchildren would be more than happy to oblige. Based on the photographs posted by Ari Cohen on his popular blog of the same name, the film introduces us to the, eh, more senior style queens of New York City. The ladies, from all backgrounds, and ranging in age from 60s to 90s, invite us into their world, and their wardrobe, as they prove that style isn’t just a choice – it’s a way of life.

Dior And I

The fashion world got a fright last October, when Raf Simons announced his plans to leave the French label, after just three years as creative director of women’s fashion. The Belgian designer’s sudden departure makes this film all the more poignant – every step of the creation of his debut collection was recorded. And for added pressure, the menswear designer had never created haute couture before the now infamous, 2012 Autumn Winter collection. Director Frédéric Tcheng combines the experience of newcomer Simons, with excerpts from Christian Dior’s personal memoirs, for a fascinating journey through both time, and fashion.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

The legendary New York luxury department store has its fair share of fans, but even with this in mind, the title (an actual quote from a customer) grabs your attention. In celebration of the role the shopping destination has played in the world of fashion, dozens of contributors, including Vera Wang, Rachel Zoe and Michael Kors, share their own stories and special connections to the space. From supporting emerging designers, to providing a chic oasis away from the bustling streets of the Big Apple, director Matthew Miele uncovers the many gleaming facets of a fashion institution.

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