Diana V.

Nanny Village Contributor

Blitz interview

Favorite spot in Dublin: Cafe du Journal terrace in Monkstown over the summer. The Library Bar on Exchequer Street on a rainy Sunday. Any quiet and quaint spot in Dun Laoghaire any other time

Top drink: Whiskey or hot whiskey. It’s pure medicine, isn’t it? 

Coffee or tea: Black coffee in the morning, jasmine green tea throughout the day

Cat or dog: Definitely a dog person, but I find cats increasingly attractive

Snow or sunshine: Both

Top holiday destination: This is hard. I love the Mediterranean (everywhere) for a beach holiday. The Alps and Dolomites for skiing. My favourite city is probably Copenhagen.

Always on my bedside table: Books, sleeping gear, a toy or a lost Lego piece, a portrait of Frida Kahlo, my daughter’s journal (which I am writing until she can do it herself)