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This week Nanny Village met with a personal trainer and Instagram sensation Georgia Hickey (@georgiasfitlife). Last year Georgia turned her life around by getting into fitness and hasn’t looked back since. Today she is a qualified personal trainer that offers clients bespoke workout and nutrition plans that deliver outstanding, long-lasting results. If that was not good enough, you can sign up for online coaching and follow her routine anywhere in the world.

Georgia, what is your philosophy for getting fit?

A combination of exercise and nutrition is key to getting fit. Resistance training builds muscle and helps your body to burn excess body fat and a healthy diet ensures you nourish and energise your body.

I am a big advocate of weightlifting. In order to lose body fat and get that ‘toned’ look you’re after you must higher your metabolic rate, and to do this you need to build lean muscle mass through weight lifting and resistance training. The body uses more calories to sustain lean muscle mass than it does fat, therefore burning more calories overall.

To get the body you’ve always wanted and feel amazing you need to make healthy lifestyle choices. View your new routine and eating habits as just a way of living. It needs to be part of you, just what you do now. If you see it as a 6 week struggle you won’t be able to maintain the results in the long term. Remember its not a “diet” it’s a “lifestyle change”.


What is your approach to nutrition?

I teach my clients how to prepare healthy meals, which meet their nutritional needs. I introduce them the idea of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), which makes them more aware of the nutrition profile of foods and they don’t just see a food as containing X number of calories. I take all dietary requirements into consideration so you only ever eat foods you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle.

What about alcohol?

In terms of alcohol, its totally up to you, and whether you are willing to give it up or not. It is a lifestyle change so be realistic about it. Alcohol does impede fat loss, so it will slow down progress, so if you want to reach your goals faster it would be better to cut down a lot.

What is your training programme?

I offer 6 and 12 week Nutrition and Training programmes with the flexibility to suit even the busiest lifestyles.

Can you give us a flavour of what a daily exercise/meal plan is like?

All my plans are completely bespoke, so I get my client to fill out a detailed questionnaire and I will then come back with a plan for them. My usual recommendations to the majority of clients is to eat 20-30g protein within the first 30 minutes of waking up, so some eggs, Greek yogurt, a protein shake are all great protein packed breakfasts. If you find you get that 3pm energy slump, try having a low carb, high protein and high fat breakfast such as poached eggs and smoked salmon as this will help regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day and help prevent a drop in energy.


Many women are skeptical about weightlifting, what would you say to them?

It is a complete myth that lifting weights makes girls bulky. If you want to get that ‘toned’ look, you need to be lifting weights and the heavier the better. If you lose bodyfat but there is no muscle underneath there isn’t going to be anything that will make you look ‘toned’. Building lean muscle is what getting ‘toned’ is so don’t be afraid you’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after one session (or even 100 sessions) you are very mistaken. It took him years to build up that much muscle and also he is of the male species, which means he has a much higher percentage of lean muscle mass to begin with compared to females, due to the higher amount of testosterone males produce. It is significantly harder for females to gain muscle mass, so you really shouldn’t be concerned you’re going to look like Arnie any time soon.

Can anyone join?

Yes absolutely! You can be a professional or a total beginner; all programmes will be adjusted according to your level of fitness/experience/work/injuries.

How do you help your clients stay motivated?

I am always available to my clients. We have weekly review sessions to ensure consistent progress; if they have urgent questions I am available by email. I also post regular updates on my Instagram account @georgiasfitlife so they know I am working hard with them and constantly offering motivation and tips.

If you’re struggling to get to the gym put your favourite gym gear or treat yourself to some new ones, I know I always want to go to the gym when I’ve new clothes to wear.


What is the key to success?

You have to really want it! I have people who come to me and say they want to make healthier choices and get that perfect body, but when it comes down to it they are not prepared to put in the work. Only those who are truly determined will succeed. You have to do it for yourself, not for your boyfriend, friend or just to prove a point.

Do you believe in Juice-only diets?

No, I tried it once and failed miserably. I did not get any of the associated benefits such as clear skin and shiny hair, I was just hungry and exhausted the whole time.

What about waist-trainers?

Absolutely not, they are damaging to the body.

What gym gear are you loving right now?

I don’t go anywhere without my Nike trainers. I’ve recently treated myself to two pairs of Lululemon leggings, they are LIFE.

Exercise trend for 2016?

More and more clients want to be strong rather than skinny. They want lean muscles and bumps in all the right places.

Georgia in Action: 

Georgia sharing her cooking tips: 

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