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To Botox or NOT?

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Pregnancy and children can wreak havoc on our skin. Suddenly you look in the mirror and realise that you’re not actually looking after yourself – at all. Some of us went out in the sun too much, some of us smoke(d) or we are just simply getting older. Children tend to, even if it is just temporary, bring out the worst in our skin. But there’s hope, and it doesn’t involve cowering cross-eyed with a syringe approaching your frown line.

The world of skincare has really upped its game. The exciting news is that skincare products are getting nearer to keeping botox away. As a willing guinea pig, I’ve been trying out a few products:

1. Juliette Armand- Thavma Salon Treatment at The Buff Day Spa, Dublin 2

I recently received a divine treatment at the Buff Day Spa, where they use Greek skincare brand Thavma Therapy, which is new to Ireland. Having identified some skin dehydration, I live on coffee (wrist slap), the therapist started with a deep cleansing treatment, a glycolic peel and finally the signature Thavma serum, followed by a deep massage. I was then left to relax for a little while, which was heavenly. Following a detailed inspection under the bright lights my skin looked plumped, de-stressed, de-lined and pretty. I have been using the cleanser, serum and cream since and I’m delighted with the results.

The Official Line

“Thavma Therapy erases expression lines without the use of surgical intervention! It is based on the EFFECTOX technology that inhibits the mechanism that is responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles leaving you with instant and visible results! Botox paralyses the muscle; Juliette Armand use high-end Effectox technology which uses quality ingredients to reduce muscles contractions and hydrate your skin, leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin without the use of a needle!”

Our Verdict

The serum and cream combo have the most uplifting olfactory properties I have ever come across, and I’ve worked as a beauty editor for over five years. There’s a faint aroma of blackcurrant. I know that doesn’t sound particularly appealing (especially if you’ve got little ones who love their Ribena) but trust me, try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

To get the full botox effect it’s recommended that you attend 10 facials over four weeks. Personally, that’s a bit much to fit into my routine, but the aftercare products really are a pamper worthy of you!  Buy Products right now or Book in for a Facial


2. Sothys Hydra 3H Hyaluronic Lift

I’ve heard of snail facelifts and the list goes on, but a mushroom facelift was very intriguing. The Hydra 3H range by Sothys (Sothys spa, Harrods, etc. very salubrious) is worth every brass cent. I was skeptical that it would deliver but it certainly did – and more. Plumped up skin, lines erased (completely around the eyes) and the effect, while temporary, would last all day. I used the serum followed by the cream.

It’s all thanks to a property called hyaluronic acid – combined with 1055 boletus, exclusive to Sothys, a mushroom extract that attracts water to the skin’s surface.

The Official Line

“Driven by the latest Advanced Research discoveries on its exclusive active ingredient, 1055 boletus extract, Sothys is now reinventing its hydration programme with a triple hyaluronic acid*. Taken from the biotope of the Limousin area of France, Boletus is a genus of mushrooms rich in polysaccharides (sugars), Vitamins B3 and antioxidant compounds.”

Our Verdict

This mushroomy stuff basically stimulates the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid on the skin by 30%. Hyaluronic acid, if you haven’t heard of it before swells to up to 1000 times its weight in water and is found naturally in the body, in the eyes and joints, apparently.

Now, I am one of those people who sits on the sofa slagging off the latest product innovations by mainstream brands like Garnier (which I steer clear of because I get awful rashes from most of the products) and L’Oreal. But Sothys Hydra 3H is whole other ballgame. It has convinced a skincare skeptic like me. Buy Products 

sothys3. Dermalogica

I have read about the amazing properties of retinol, but it was only at the start of this year that I felt I should take the plunge. What I didn’t know was that retinol can not only reverse ageing, it can also firm up the skin. But you can’t use it while you’re pregnant and the usual – check with your doctor – adage applies with breastfeeding.

Dermalogica’s AGE Smart Overnight Retinol Repair launches in October. I have been lucky enough to try it out. It’s made a huge difference to the texture of my skin. I put up a photo my husband took of me on Facebook and got 50+ likes. SO THERE! No seriously, if you’re really thinking about going under the syringe do check out a quality retinol product like this before you take the plunge. In my experience it has definitely made a very strong difference and I am no longer feeling conscious of people seeing the full horrors of my skin in the daylight. That’s a big deal for me.

The Official Line

“Overnight Retinol Repair accelerates skin renewal, reverses the signs of photo-aging, improves skintone, and increases skin firmness. This is the first-ever retinol treatment to offer a unique customisation option, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a retinoid while experiencing maximum comfort and Key to the formula is 0.5% retinol, pure Vitamin A, which has been demonstrated to reverse both the signs of intrinsic aging (genetics) as well as extrinsic aging (environmental).”

Our Verdict

But you can’t go slathering it on in large amounts; you have to give your skin time to become accustomed to the large doses of retinol. So, a buffer cream comes with it and you use it to gently add a little more every night- Buy Products right now.



What I’ve been doing is using my creams from Juliette Armand and Sothys as buffer creams too.

Every little helps!

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