Which Animal Are You?

What Animal Are You?

To help you better understand whether a particular play cafe or activity class will be suitable for your child, Nanny Village has designed a special ‘What Animal Are You’ Guide. We believe that most young children at certain points in their life exert animal like behavior. Your little one can be a tiger one day and an owl the next, use our guide to help you judge their mood and pick an activity that is most suitable.



Tiger is a natural leader and loves to be the center of attention. Your little tiger has loads of energy and needs constant movement and action to keep him occupied. A tiger does not tire down easily and is happy to try a variety of activities from dancing and singling to running and jumping. Just do not ask him to stand still, not even for a second!

Tiger Loves: DL Kids, Funky Monkeys and Dublin Zoo



Your little monkey is easy going, playful and a little bit silly. Monkey loves to explore new places, try different activities and is happy to play along side other little monkeys.

Monkey Loves: Imaginosity, Gymboree and Killruddery House & Garden



Cat is smart and very adaptable. She is happy to run around and chase pigeons in the park, while being equally happy with mentally stimulating games and activities. Just do not ask her to get wet or dirty.

Cat Loves: Enchancia Playcafe, Jump In Tots and Baby Massage 



Pig loves to get messy so any kind of play where you get the gooest, dirtiest, glue-like stuff is exactly what she needs. However do not expect her to wear white and stay clean.

Pig Loves: Messy MonkeysAirfield Estate and Newbridge House and Farm



Owl is fiercely independent and happy to keep herself occupied or watch others play. It is impossible to force an owl to participate in group activities when she doesn’t feel like it. Owls love books, puzzles and quiet play.

Owl Loves: Meerkat Playcafe, Giddy Studios, Classical Kids



Water! Water! Water!

Fish Loves: National Sealife Centre